The Outdoor Adventure Places in Tampa, FL

Tampa is famed for its many outdoor activities. The city has a natural setting ideal for hosting a variety of fun events. Tourists are well aware of that, and they explore every opportunity they get to have fun. When looking for outdoor activity, there is one simple ground rule; it must be safe, or at least guaranteed to be safe. But the potential for risk in Outdoor Adventure Places in Tampa is terribly low. But without getting ahead, let’s look at some of the adventure places that Tampa offers.

Bayshore Boulevard

Bayshore BoulevardThis is a road located on the borders of the harbor. It’s a long road, well designed to look out into the waters, and there’s a sidewalk next that features a balustrade. In the morning, couples are seen taking walks along the sidewalk, holding hands, looking out into the water. The Boulevard makes for an exciting outdoor place. For instance, it is ideal to conduct a group run here, or even perform a simple game. The rolling waves of the harbor crash into the border, making the place seem very serene. It is definitely one of the best Outdoor Places in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Theatre

The theatre is considered historic. One of its immediate attractive qualities is the architecture. It is designed in an impressive old western style. It is important to remember that it was first intended to be a theatre. And the times were good for many years but then it relapsed and fell away into obscurity with the rise of modernity. Tampa Theatre is now host to a variety of events such as hosting music players and also screening films. It could make for a great place to come together as a family and watch a movie and then sample out the music. Afterward, you may spend time exploring the beauty of the building, which is terrific, and sit down to dinner. The facelift was done only recently, and although the general design is from early 20th century, it still passes the mark for its regal features; hence the theatre earns a high spot in the top places of Tampa.

Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park ZooLowry Park Zoo is one of the amazing places because it is designed to cater to both young people and adults. In fact, the zoo is accredited and globally renowned. It features aviaries, conservation plans, and a host of other exotic breeds of animals. Families can have a great time here just watching birds in the complex aviaries of the zoo. There are schedules for feeding the animals too. People are given food and directly feed some choice animals. The park has a fair amount of kid activity. They feature roller coaster rides, and water sports, among others.

Tampa Bay

Tampa is famous for its water sports. In the Tampa Bay, there are a dozen water sports that one could engage in. One could into kayaking, or riding boats out into the harbor, and so on.

A List of Things to Do in Tampa, FL

Tampa is located on the Western coast of Florida. Tourists flock to the city for its warmth and sun. However, it’s not the weather only that attracts tourists, but Tampa offers many events and places to have outdoor fun. And people from around the world have nothing but praise for the city. So, let’s look at some of the Things to Do in Tampa, FL.

Visit the Florida Aquarium

Florida Aquarium in TampaThe Florida Aquarium is located in Tampa Bay, and it is famed for its exquisite appearance, and ease of access. The whole experience is simply breathtaking. To start with, visitors may go to the exhibition, where antiquity is preserved. Then there are aquariums with an infinite variety of fish and other underwater species. Some of the water creatures are adorable, and others look scary, they even try to bite through the glass! That’s not all. One may have a dolphin ride along the Tampa Bay! The aquarium caters to a lot of outdoor activities. So, gatherings of people are there doing a wide range of activities. Oh, and there are many water games!


Tampa has something to offer to sports fanatics too. The many lush green golf courses are ideal for international standard golf. Then additionally, Tampa adores its football team, the Buccaneers, and the team has massive a stadium, named Raymond James Stadium. One could do well to visit the stadium and be in awe at the imposing facility. It features a pirate ship on one end which is used to psyche up their home team.

Glazer Children Museum

Children too have places to go here. One of the best places to take your child is the Glazer Children Museum. The museum is aimed at helping children to get life skills and be more open to life. They display interactive exhibits and encourage interaction with children. The museum offers a variety of themes in which every child can fit.

Henry B Plant Museum

You could also learn some history of the city by visiting Henry B Plant Museum. The museum is situated next to the Tampa University. Ideally, the museum is a great resource for the city’s history. It has detailed accounts of developmental patterns of various figures as well as how the city’s landmark structures came to be.

Wat Mongkolrata

Wat Mongkolrata Tampa, FLFor people with a thirst for cultural history, this temple is simply a must visit. It is an old style replica of a Buddhist temple. However, due to its beauty, it attracts tourists. On appointed days, they have samplings of a variety of foods and people come together at this time.

Yuengling Brewery

This is the oldest brewery in America. It was started in the early 19th century by a German immigrant. Americans love it, and they have turned it into a national object. In Tampa, the brewery allows visitors and takes them on tours. This could be done on a lazy day so that afterward you buy the beer to while away the hours.